Sami Joensuu is a Finnish singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and artist from Finland who grew up with a suitcase in his hand hitting the road. Bubbling up from the cauldron of roots americana music, as a songwriter, Sami Joensuu draws on soul with a hint of roots and country. Sami has diverse musical background and he has worked in a wide variety of styles and areas of the music industry.

Sami is currently working on a new solo album, the first single from the upcoming album ’The Blackbird’ was released in April 27th 2018. The Blackbird immediately found its way to radio charts in many countries such as Canada, USA, UK, South Africa and Australia.

Sami Joensuu was the singer songwriter, composer and lyricist of the band Joensuu Riihimäki. JR released three albums. Greetings From The Edge Of The World, Where’s The Fire, John? and Highwater.

When the band came to an end, Sami Joensuu started recording a solo album. In the upcoming album, which will be released in the spring of 2019 also features Legendary Canadian Jazz-Blues singer Carolyn Fe. Sami Joensuu writes also music to other artists. In Finnish and English.

”Kind of like Bob Dylan meets Valdi”

– Randy Skaggs; Q108 Kingston Radio (CAN)