Sami Joensuu is a Finnish singer-songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist and artist from Finland. Sami has a diverse musical background and has worked in various styles and fields of the music industry.
Sami Joensuu was the singer, songwriter, composer and poet of the band Joensuu Riihimäki. JR released three albums. Sami Joensuu also writes music for other artists, in Finnish and English.

When Joensuu Riihimäki came to an end Sami Joensuu already had new plans in mind. ”I wanted to start something new, innovate and find the joy of playing again that was missing”. After the quit, it was easy to breathe and new songs were born quickly. Blackbird single was released on April 27th 2018 and Tides album was released on August 16th. 2019

Sami collaborated with Canadian singer, actress and radio character Carolyn Fe. They co-wrote the song ’You name it’ for Tides. The collaboration continues and a new single is coming out later this year.

Due to the 2020 Covid Pandemic, after the gigs canceled I didn’t want to stay on the ground I decided to make a new album. ’The Space Unfolds’ was released on vinyl in February 2022. At the same time guitarist Timo Kipahti joined the band and brought a much-needed edge to the songs.
That’s when the band became whole and was named Sami Joensuu And The Crooked Vicars.

The Crooked Vicars:

Sami Joensuu: vocals, guitar
Pete Parkkonen: drums
Timo Kipahti: guitar, backing vocals
Ahti Raninen: bass

Blackbird (single) 2018
You Name it feat. Carolyn Fe (single) 2019
Buried Anonymous (single) 2019
Tides 2019
Once in a blue Moon (single) 2020
Falling into you (single) 2021
Broken Arrow (single) 2021
The Space Unfolds 2022