If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.

For a long time, I have not had time to write here. Although writing really has been my second name recently. I’ve done a lot of music for other artists, at the same time as I’ve done my own music and have been involved with fine productions. What is the most important thing for myself, I have written the missing pieces for the upcoming album. 

I made a lot of changes both on the product and on the creation side. Now I have found a comfortable balance, and the pieces seem to be waiting for the release as I do. The spark that I thought to lost was found in the spring. I want to be sure of everything and I feel like I would do it all twice.

People who know me, can be sure that I am happy now. I have had great influences from many directions, time was on my side, thank goodness. 

Drum recordings are already in good shape. Jaakko Kujala has worked as a sound engineer and my drummer is the one and only Pete Parkkonen. This is going to be something that you’ll want to wait, I’m sure of it. Stay tuned, folks.